Dear younger me – Day 14

30-Day Writing Challenge

Dear younger me… 

There’s a lot you can improve, but that’s the case for everyone, so don’t feel obligated to take this unsolicited advice as gospel… Just take a little time to reflect on each point. 

  • Don’t worry about not knowing “enough”, no one on this planet really understands anything… We’re trying to figure it out together
  • Focus more on deepening existing relationships, instead of gathering more surface-level ones. Start with your family first and yes it’ll be uncomfortable, but I promise it’s worth the discomfort. 
  • People will try to label you with different identities, but it’s important that you don’t attach to these labels no matter how positive or negative. Staying detached will give you the psychological freedom to experiment with any future path you’re interested in. 
  • Strangers aren’t that bad. When out in public, spend more time interacting with strangers and smiling, you’ll not only improve their day, but you’ll improve yours as well. 
  • Life is long, so enjoy it. I know you’re eager to make an impact on the world, but life is a marathon, not a sprint, by always pushing you’ll get nowhere. The most impactful interactions and insights will come from the “in-between” moments. 
  • The only person restricting you is you… Whenever you feel stuck to a company, industry, belief, or identity it’s all in your head, no one is telling you what to do. You’re artificially restricting yourself. 
  • Breathe. Whenever you feel overwhelmed with emotion, positive or negative I want you to take a mental step back and breathe deeply. Being able to separate from that moment and breathe will cause a lot less heartache for you and others. 

There’s a lot more I could say here, but I think this is good for now… 

I want you to know you’re doing great and there’s nothing to worry about! It all works out in the end. 😉