Ideas – Day 10

30-Day Writing Challenge

Have you ever come across the statement that ideas are easy, but the execution of ideas is the hard part?

I’ve heard this statement many times, but I’m not sure I agree with it… 

“Ideation”  – the ability to come up with ideas is a muscle, something that is trained through repetitions. Personally, my ability to come up with ideas is horrible, but my execution of existing ideas is pretty good. 

Let’s picture a spectrum of people – On the left are the “ideas people” always pumping out new ideas and on the right, we have the “execution people” with zero ideas, but the willingness to execute. 

I sit closer to the execution side, but my goal is to move closer to the “ideas” side. 

Overanalyzing and never allowing an idea to grow is an issue of mine. When thinking about different ideas, I rationalize them all away before they can ever turn into anything that’s worth experimenting on. 

I envy those “ideas people” continuously pushing out idea after idea, allowing the idea to live long enough for them to externalize and experiment on. 

It’s time I start hitting the “ideas gym”. My plan is to have others hold me accountable while socializing the ideas, but more importantly, I need to quiet my internal rational voice…

Wish me luck!