Lucky Success – Day 28

30-Day Writing Challenge

Most “successful” people that have progressed in a project, relationship, career, or any other endeavor will tell you it’s thanks to their determination and grit that created their success. This is true to a point, but the role “grit” plays in one’s success is a lot lower than most of us realize. 

The way I see “luck” and “grit” is you need both to actually do anything interesting or impactful in life, they work in harmony together. So how do these two opposites work together? 

“Grit” is basically your ticket to play the game. If you’re willing to put in the energy and long hours towards something, then there’s a better chance you’ll succeed. Once you’ve put in the time and energy, mother luck will grace you with her presence from time to time, but you’ll need to be prepared for the visit. Most of us are never aware of mother “luck” slapping us in the face because we’re not prepared and didn’t put in the work (e.g. grit) beforehand. 

If I could throw a number on it, I would say that “success” is 90% luck and 10% grit, but 100% of one’s life should be spent pushing the “grit” and preparing for that lucky moment. 

Seneca said it best… 

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” 

Putting in the time and energy preparing doesn’t guarantee you’ll encounter luck, so it’s important you create a little of your own. The way to create luck is simple, put yourself in more diverse situations with different people – Meet more people in different circles and don’t stick with comfort or familiarity, but adventure out into the uncomfortable places. 

Most importantly! 

If you’re not willing to endure the painful “grit” process for the thing you pursuing, stop and go find a pain you are willing to endure… No matter how excited or passionate you are about a specific area there will be painful moments and finding the pain you’re willing to endure is key to an enjoyable life.