Money – Day 17

30-Day Writing Challenge

I’m amazed by how deeply engrained money is in my psychology. 

Certainty, comfort, and security are powerful drivers for many people, including myself… but we rarely question why this is the case. 

I realize money is just a symbol, a piece of paper that’s exchanged for goods and services. If you’re able to provide all your own necessities such as growing food and owning land with an off-grid home, then the need to earn money decreases. This constant game for more security starts to disappear… At least I hope.

But many of us aren’t willing or able to dive right into this self-sufficient lifestyle, so my question is… How can I change my relationship with money? Shifting my perspective from seeing money as a security blanket to it being a simple resource that can be earned or spent and not getting attached. 

There are many reasons why I want to change my relationship with money, but the one that eats at me the most is my constant need for security hurts my decision-making. My decisions are centered around the security of money, instead of taking a long-term perspective. This is a battle I fight every single day… 

Over the past three months, I’ve allowed myself to research, read, and write on a variety of industries, companies, and technologies that interest me, but this brings no security. This time has provided a feeling of intellectual expansion, but the urge for security overpowers all else. 

The only solution I’m able to see at the moment is “balance” – I need a Ying to my Yang. Ha! 

I need to find a way to satisfy or detach from this urge for security while figuring out what the next step in my career will be… My concern is that I’ll make a harmful decision bringing security in the short-term, but regret it in the long term. 

My first attempt at finding balance will be to pivot part of my daily mental energy towards finding companies and industries that interest me, building relationships with people in these places… Keep in mind this is an experiment and it will most likely fail, but let’s give it a shot.