The Digital Realm – Day 23

30-Day Writing Challenge

For the majority of us lucky enough to live in developed countries realize we’re surrounded by and completely dependent on technology. It’s not just the technology we rely on, but it’s the interconnectedness between everything. 

This massive interconnected web of technology is increasing at a faster rate than ever before and no one knows where we’re headed. An entirely parallel “digital realm” has evolved beneath our feet, a digital world made for machines. 

Most of us are blind to what’s happening in this evolving “digital realm”, but those that build the skills are exposed to this invisible world. This is something I realized in the previous week… 

Lately, I’ve spent most of my time studying cybersecurity, which has granted me a small glimpse into the “digital realm” of machines… And I’m completely blown away!

In this hidden world, machines are always talking, sending information back and forth, without us even realizing it’s happening. I understand that most people could care less about this hidden world, but for those that do care, once you’ve opened this door, there’s no turning back. 

My advice for those of you that are interested in tech, but don’t want to spend all your time coding, consider looking into cybersecurity.