Temporary – Day 30

30-Day Writing Challenge

Alright, my people, this is day 30 and we’re wrapping this writing series up with a bang! 

Everything you’ve ever known and ever will know will disappear, no one will remember you or what you’ve done. Everything we create such as companies, technology, ideas, stories, etc. is all temporary. 

The lifespan of the Universe is so large that it’s impossible for our little 100-year lifespans to comprehend… Yes, this does sound depressing to some people, but for others, it’s freeing. 

Knowing that everything I create, everyone I love, and every action I take will disappear with time provides me with a feeling of freedom. All 30 posts I’ve published on this site will disappear and very few people will know they existed, but that’s beautiful. 

The fleeting nature of the world we live in is what inspires people to… 

  • Be present with those they love 
  • Make what they want to see in the world, instead of pleasing others
  • Show bravery in the moments they’re most afraid 

Our self-centered egos would prefer every action we take have a permanent impact on the Universe, but that’s just not possible. By accepting the fact that everything is temporary we’re free to live a life we enjoy, instead of doing what “society” says is best. 

I will disappear eventually along with these 30 posts, so I hope you’ve enjoyed them while they’ve temporarily existed. 😉