D-Squared Musings – Week 2

Crypto Security

💗 Vulnerability impacting multiple zero-knowledge-proof systems 

  • Frozen Heart is a vulnerability impacting multiple ZK systems, such as Girault, Bulletproofs, and PlonK. The ZK developer ecosystem is very very new and that’s relative to the general Web3 ecosystem. This immature infrastructure, tooling, and standards lead to simple, but severe mistakes. Trail of Bits has created a blog series disclosing this vulnerability along with developer guidance via ZK Docs. This is a sneak peek into next week’s video. 😉


📜 Awesome Web3 Security List

  • The author (Anugrah SR) of this awesome list went the extra mile to create three useful visuals for aspiring security auditors within Web3 – common vulnerabilities, auditor roadmap, and helpful tools. I’m a big fan of visualizations to simplify a topic, so kudos and thanks.

🧑‍💻 Web3 Developer Report Electric Capital (2021)

  • There are many beautiful aspects of an open-source industry like Web3, such as accurately tracking the adoption of each ecosystem. The developer growth of an ecosystem is not the only variable for adoption but it is a significant one. During Dan Boneh’s Stanford Webinar, he called out the below developer chart that caught my eye (slide 87). It’s amazing to see the heated race at the bottom left corner and Polkadot’s position. I’m very excited to see their 2022 report and how it changes due to the down market (slide 15 shows this has minimal impact on developers). 


👷 Interlocking foam flooring 

  • Best purchase I’ve made all year. I’ve laid out an interlocking foam mat throughout most of my office. This allows me to stretch, roll out, or pace while reading without my feet fatiguing on a hardwood floor. I know it’s strange that I break out into stretches between meetings or while reading, but this helps me focus while reading and provides energy between meeting-heavy days. Highly recommended!