D-Squared Musings – Week 12


💻  Hacking And Defending APIs: Red And Blue Make Purple – Matt Tesauro

  • This is a good overview of what it takes to hack an API, what one needs to know to get started, as well as some history behind specific attacks. 

🪙 Monitoring & Incident Response in Web3

  • This panel discussion around what exists today within crypto for security monitoring and IR, just shows how early the industry is in its maturity curve. Lots of room for startup ideas and new tooling to help the broader ecosystem of crypto heads.


🤖  Glitch Tokens – Computerphile

  • Most modern AI used today is a black box, but there’s a subset of the research community trying to uncover what’s happening inside. This video shows an interesting outcome from recent research… If we send in the right prompt the LLM will “malfunction” and respond with nonsense. 

📈 Big Ideas 2023 | Artificial Intelligence: Creating the Assembly Line for Knowledge Workers

  • ARK Invest has a series around their “big ideas” for 2023 and this video highlights the numbers behind the recent generative AI boom. I really appreciate their approach to open-sourcing the methodologies used for the numbers, as well as bringing everything back to the cost at scale. It provides a new perspective. For example, look at this drastic decrease in the cost to train models of similar size to GPT-3 overtime… Wow.


👽 Eric Weinstein on the Joe Rogan Experience

  • I’m a fan of Eric and his ability to think critically about a wide variety of topics, one of those Renaissance kinds of figures. This conversation highlights that trait. Conversations about UFOs are not really in my wheelhouse of interest, but Eric did a great job sharing a balanced perspective from a physicist’s perspective