D-Squared Musings – Week 14


💽  How Quantum Computers Break The Internet… Starting Now

  • The YouTube channel Veritasium has been a favorite of mine for many years. This new video does a great job explaining the current state of quantum computing through simple explanations, but not skipping over important details. 

🎨  EIP1559: The Ethereum Fee Burn Explained

  • Jordan deserves way more views and subscribers than he has at the moment. The amount of detail he puts into diagrams to explain complex topics is by far the most accurate and intuitive I’m across. EIP1559 is not a simple topic, but he’s done a great job getting the intuition and nuances across. The raw diagram can be found here


🪙 Balaji is betting $2M (two $1M bets) that Bitcoin goes to $1M per coin within 90 days

  • If you know me at all, you know I’m highly skeptical of most claims. Still, Balaji has a strong track record of being directional correct. If his current claim that the US dollar is going to hyper-inflate, then hedging one’s bets by placing a good portion of their wealth into Bitcoin isn’t a crazy idea. This topic is taking a lot of my mental cycles this week because I really want to understand the implications, likely scenarios, and from that what I’m going to do with my own funds. Here are some helpful resources.

✍️ Aruther Hayes’s fundamentals essay explains what’s happening with the banking system, providing more context to Balaji’s claims above


♣️ Risk – Against the Gods + Thinking in Bets

  • I just finished these two risk-focused books. Against the Gods was a good history lesson on risk, but not very practical. Thinking in Bets provided the practicality I was seeking.