D-Squared Musings – Week 16


🔐 Security Copilot

  • Entire markets and products will likely be displaced due to products like this from Microsoft and others. Within this short demo, we can see Microsoft’s Security Copilot is able to automate Reverse engineering, Respond to incidents, Offer guidance and action plans, Alert on threats in real-time, and Anticipate the attacker’s next move.


🤳 GPT 4 Can Improve Itself – (ft. Reflexion, HuggingGPT, Bard Upgrade and much more)

  • Why try to fix your prompts, when GPT can do a bit of self-reflection and fix them for you? These recently published results highlight GPT’s ability to drastically improve its own performance on a variety of tasks. All you need to do is question its accuracy or performance, then GPT goes off and improves itself.


🎥 Barbie, Secret Invasion, and Blue Beetle

  • A few interesting movies are coming in the coming weeks. I’m the most excited about Barbie of course. 😆

🚀 How To Visit STARBASE // A Complete Guide To Seeing Starship!

  • A solid summary of the considerations for visiting Starbase. There are a few things I’m truly interested in seeing, observing a Starship takeoff is one of them. I’m grateful for the Everyday Astronaut who took the time to share this.