D-Squared Musings – Week 21


📐 GPT 4 is Smarter than You Think: Introducing SmartGPT

  • Really interesting approach to combining a series of prompt engineering tricks to improve the accuracy of GPT-4 from ~40% to ~90%. The tricks are – “chain of thought”, reflection, and correction.

🖌️ ​​MidJourney Has Competition (And It’s Free To Use)!

  • Leonardo AI seems like an interesting competitor to Midjounrey and Stable Diffusion. Their goal is to be the Photoshop of AI art, which is a big goal, but from what I can see they’re making good progress in that direction. 

🔍 PERPLEXITY AI – The future of search

  • Perplexity is aiming to replace all searches with AI-based searches, similar to Bard, Bing, etc. Aravind provides a compelling argument for this future and why Perplexity has a shot at competing with these larger tech giants. 

💽 The Current State of Artificial Intelligence with James Wang

  • It’s rare to come across an AI podcast that highlights the infrastructure layer in an understandable way. James did a great job highlighting where we’re at in the marketplace for GPUs and alternative chips for ML training. 


🎤 Sohn 2023 | Patrick Collison in conversation Sam Altman

  • One of the best Q&As I’ve seen with Sam in the last 3ish weeks. Patrick himself is a mega-brain, so I wouldn’t expect anything less. I mean look at this guy’s bookshelf! 🤯 

🥇 Economic Storms are Gathering | Peter Schiff | EP 353

  • There’s a debate happening in different circles on the possibility of USD hyperinflation, or at least an accelerated decline in the world’s reliance on USD. Inside of this debate, there’s a micro debate on where we should run, if we’re “exiting the system” (i.e. fiat, stocks, etc.). There are few competitors to exit to, such as Bitcoin, Gold, Real estate (maybe), and others I’m missing. This is by far the best argument I’ve heard for Gold over Bitcoin. I’m still not convinced, but I’m glad I listened to this Q&A.  

✍️ 21 Tactics to Help You Become a Better Writer

  • This is a very actionable blog for my fellow writers. So good that I’ve been using some of the tips since I stumbled across this on Saturday. One of my favorite tips would be creating a “banned words” list. Why write when ChatGPT could do it for you? Writing is thinking my friend and critical thinking is the most powerful weapon. Never forget that. No matter how good GPT is at writing. 😉

🎒 The Comfort Crisis: Embrace Discomfort To Reclaim Your Wild, Happy, Healthy Self

  • Just finished this book, it was a good one. Peter Attia recommended it multiple times in previous podcasts, so I figured I’d give it a shot. So convincing, that I purchased my own Rucksack and will be incorporating 60-minute zone 2 cardio sessions into my weekly workout routine.


🎥 Oppenheimer | New Trailer

  • Very very excited about this movie!