D-Squared Musings – Week 23

Inspired by “The Tao of Seneca”, I’ve decided to write 30 letters to Seneca as a daily writing and reflection practice. If you’re interested in following along, you can find all the letters here.


💾 Emad Mostaque: These 5 Companies Will Win the AI War; Why We Need National Data Sets | E1015

  • I enjoyed this interview with Emad. He seems very confident in Stability’s market positioning, which for me is a bit surprising due to Google and OpenAI’s resourcing. But… If his strategy to focus on traditional enterprise, government, and developing countries wins out, then kudos. Additionally, I found his take on TPUs vs GPUs to be insightful. TLDR: TPUs are more reliable to train models on over GPUs, due to GPUs constantly breaking during training. 

🪫 Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm: What an American-Made Clean Energy Future Looks Like | SXSW 2023

  • While listening to this presentation it felt like a mix of informational and Tony Robbins-like inspirational. Jennifer did a good job keeping the audience’s attention while dropping insightful stat’s on how government policies are helping progress America toward a renewable future.


📚 The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work

  • I can’t vouch for the quality of this book because I’ve not yet read it, but the idea behind the book is compelling to me. Someone that’s attached most of their identity to solely work or work adjacent activities. Based on these two interviews 1 and 2, Simone has a unique perspective on work and our relationship with it… Something I want to explore much further. Here’s a bonus interview with Mike Rowe on the importance and pride one can get from blue-collar work. 

🎤 Elon Musk on AI, China, Tesla, and Succession Planning | WSJ

  • This interviewer did an amazing job with questions. The first half provides good insight into Elon’s daily work and the importance of avoiding context-switching. Then of course there’s the moment Elon predicts AGI will happen within this decade (by 2030). 🤯

💑 The No.1 Sex Expert: How To Have Great Sex EVERY Time! (And Fix Bad Sex) – Tracey Cox | E247

  • Our (society’s) perspective of sex is wrong and our inability to talk about sex makes everything worse. I’ve understood this over the years by reading multiple books on the topic of sex and relationships. Tracey does a great job highlighting the current state of our perception and what we can do to improve our sex lives within new and long-term relationships. 


The Flash – Final Trailer (2023)

  • Meh… Looks alright. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. 🤞

📅 Should we end meetings forever?

  • Probably one of the funnier videos I watched in a while. There’s so much that I agree with!