Letters To Seneca – Letter 1

Dear Seneca,

This is letter one of thirty I plan on writing and sending to you over the next 30 days. Socrates and you are my inspiration.

First, we’ll start with Socrates. He stated…

“The unexamined life is not worth living”.

This rings true for me in many ways. It’s too often that my days, weeks, months, and years float by without really knowing what I’ve learned and taken from that time. And you know better than anyone else, time is the only source we’re unable to gather more of.

The above quote is important, but like many quotes, they’re only useful when embodied and put into practice. This is where your inspiration comes into play Seneca. Your way of life and daily practices is one of the few I’ve found that sustainably examine, not only life but all the learnings that come along with it.

Hence, this letter. 😉

My goal with each letter is to reflect on the day and share a single learning, experience, or thought. The focus of each letter will force my attention to go deeper while examining my own life, as well as assist you in understanding each letter.

My hope after this 30-day experiment is to come out on the other end more aware of my experiences from the past 30 days… Creating an examined life, something that’s worth living.

It’s time I end this letter and let the games begin.