D-Squared Musings – Week 28


  • During the first half, swyx gave a good overview of the different autonomous agents today and the hurdles we need to overcome for a more reliable/usable agent future. 

🗺️ LLM-Powered Autonomous Agents

  • Lil’Log’s blog post on autonomous agents is one of the better pieces I’ve seen summarizing the different forms and elements that make up an agent. I.e. Planning, memory, and tool use. 

🤯 Google Gemini: AlphaGo-GPT?

  • It’s exciting to see Google attempting to reenter the race after rushing Bard into the market. I have high hopes for Gemini’s ability to surpass GPT-4 with alternative methods of learning, pushing the field. Scary, but exciting. 


💲Balaji’s back on the podcast tour again

  • I preferred this interview with Tom due to his ability to bring in the most prominent arguments against Balaji’s view of the future. These counter-arguments allow Balaji to articulate his rebuttal. Here’s another pretty good interview, but it’s really just Balaji talking to himself, the interviewer did nothing. 

🪜 Eric Weinstein – All Hell Is About to Break Loose

  • Another new interview with Eric. As I said in the last newsletter, I’m all over these when they drop. HA! This time around Eric focuses more on the degradation of different parts of society – education, science, ambition, etc.

📹 An Unfiltered Conversation with MrBeast

  • I never watch Mr. Beast videos, but seeing interviews of him is interesting to me. He’s someone that’s truly obsessed and that’s rare to find. Anytime I’m able to peek into the mind of someone truly obsessed, it’s amazing what you’ll find. Here Mr. Beast seems to going through serious amounts of stress, anxiety, etc., but is aware that its self-induced and embraces that. For me, that’s inspiring. 


  • Very excited about this! 💖

🕷️ Wait…Are There Multiple Versions of Across the Spider-Verse in Theaters?

  • Very cool. I’m sure the cost of creating multiple versions of the same movie wasn’t easy, but very business savvy. Even after months of being out, large amounts of people are still discussing and watching this movie in theaters.