D-Squared Musings – Week 43


📲 iPhone 15 Pro

  • I’ve done it, finally! I’ve decided to convert to the Darkside (iOS) from the light (Android). After a lifetime of Android, I’m excited to learn how to function within iOS. 

🤖 Evolutionary prompts – No need for prompt engineering

  • Google’s Deepmind recently published a new paper highlighting their approach to removing the need for prompts and replacing them with tasks. This evolutionary approach is interesting, but way too costly for scale. More innovative magic will be needed.


🦜 The #1 cause of burnout is not what you think

  • A surprisingly good Big Think video on how to avoid burnout through impactful work. My takeaway: run toward the fire! 

✍️ How To Write Your Way To Millions of Dollars and Subscribers

  • Sam has an interesting obsession with copywriting. I’ve taken away some good insight into the importance of headlines, hooks, etc. Plus, he’s pretty funny. 

✏️ Writing to Save Your Life

  • Bukowski is an interesting character, Steph and Cal do a great job extracting the lessons one can learn from his life philosophy.


🦎 Leo | Official Trailer

  • This looks pretty funny. Possibly a Pixar competitor. 

🍬 Wonka – Official Trailer #2

  • This second trailer gives me a little hope for this Wonka film. 

🤼 The Iron Claw – Official Trailer

  • Not even sure I’m interested in this film, but Zach has put on some serious muscle and his jaw… Is uhh… Different. 🤔