D-Squared Musings – Week 49


🤖 Adversarial Attacks on LLMs

  • This is a great overview of the different types of attacks one can do against an LLM directly. I’d recommend only thoroughly reading the intro, and then skiming the rest unless you’re really into the math behind the more technical attacks. 

🙂 What The Longest-Running Study on Happiness Reveals

  • This is a great video on what truly sustains happiness. The video’s closing advice resonated a lot with me, which equates relationships to physical fitness. It’s something you have to work on continuously and the more consistent effort you put in, the more consistent rewards you get out. 


🔙 How to Get What You Want By Letting Go [The Backwards Law]

  • I’ve recently come across a few different pieces of content relating to Buddhism and their approach to letting go. Mark does a great job explaining the importance of this mentality. 

❣️ Attachment Styles 

  • I’ve spent a good amount of time listening to people talk about the different attachment styles that manifest in both adult relationships and one’s childhood. I thought these three videos were the most insightful. 123

🎤 Sam Corcos, @LevelsHealth CEO: Minimalism, Startups, Health Metrics & Longevity

  • Another good interview with Sam. I especially enjoyed the concept of “the keeper” test from Netflix. TLDR: Close your eyes and think about losing an employee on your team. Do you have a sad feeling of losing someone that’s extremely valuable or are you neutral or even grateful? If you’re not sad, then you’ll want to reconsider their contribution to the team.


👁️ 3 Body Problem | Exclusive Clip | Netflix

  • Could be interesting…