Hidden Worlds – Day 20

30-Day Writing Challenge

“The Road Less Traveled” is a journey to discover my next step in life. My goal is to cast a ridiculously wide net into multiple industries, companies, and technologies finding the overlap between my interests and what’s meaningful for humanity. 

I’m exploring topics I’ve never let myself explore before, which has opened me up to many hidden worlds. 

When living and working in your own bubble it’s easy to think that this is all there is to life and everything else revolves around this thing. When I say “thing” that could be an industry, a company, or even a craft, but this can’t be further from the truth. Our complex planet is full of hidden worlds populated by niche cultures all assuming they’re at the center. 

I’ll visit each hidden world for roughly two weeks and I’m noticing some meta patterns in how people discuss their hidden world in comparison to others. It’s fascinating how each hidden world has its own influencers leading the community. 

Some examples are…

  • Renewable Energy
  • Defense Industry
  • Cybersecurity
  • Permaculture
  • Natural Buildings
  • Machine Learning 

Our complex planet has many hidden worlds constantly being created and destroyed, so never think you’re in the middle of anything. This complexity might seem overwhelming to some, but there’s another perspective… One of excitement and adventure. 

If you understand that there’s a constant flow of hidden worlds in and out of society’s collective consciousness, then you’ll never be bored.