D-Squared Musings – Week 4

Crypto Security

🪲 ZK Bug Tracker


🤔 An approximate introduction to how zk-SNARKs are possible

  • It’s difficult to find content that explains zk-SNARKs at an intermediate level without scaring the reader away with massive waves of math. Vatalik commonly overwhelms the reader (i.e. me) with math, but I was pleasantly surprised with this piece. This is likely the most approachable blog post from Vatalik on the topic of zk-SNARKs. 

🎤 Zero Knowledge Proofs – State of the ZK Ecosystem (Part 1 and Part 2)

  • A great two-part series, covering the overall ecosystem for ZK. The interviewees were the co-hosts from the Zero-Knowledge Podcast – Anna Rose & Kobi Gurkan. A high-level run-through of what’s happening in an ecosystem like this is always useful, especially in a space that’s moving so fast.


💀 #237 ‒ Optimizing life for maximum fulfillment | Bill Perkins

  • I’ve never come across a book concept that I was so excited about that I stopped mid-workout to buy that book on Amazon but never say never. That’s exactly what I did after listening to this interview with Bill about his book called “Die with Zero”. I can’t say much about the book itself due to just starting, but I highly recommend listening to this conversation between Peter and Bill about the main concepts.