D-Squared Musings – Week 5

Crypto Security

💸ZK Vulnerability – Zcash Hash Collision

  • I just published a new video yesterday! This covers an impactful ZK hash collision vuln that could have harmed Zcash if not caught by a contractor they hired. More videos are in the works. 😉

🤔 Smart Contract Auditing Heuristics

  • Heuristics for me are a cheat code for accelerating most learning curves and this repo applies that ethos to smart contract auditing. Highly recommend those interested in Web3 security spend time reading through this repo and mapping examples to each heuristic.


🎪R1CS: A Day in the Life of a few Equations

  • Many ZK explainers with excessive math are hard to follow due to all the abstractions you have to hold in your head. This explainer does an amazing job with animations to guide the reader on how the math is executed (similar to 3Blue1Brown). FYI – R1CS is a protocol used by many ZK programs to translate arbitrary computational tasks into a common mathematical description that can be fed into the proof system.


🤖AI is Creating Massive Entrepreneurial Opportunity W/ Emad Mostaque | EP #16 Moonshots and Mindsets

  • This is an inspirational interview. It’s amazing to see the excitement and confidence Emad has on how machine learning such as Stable Diffusion and ChatGPT are going to change the way we interact fundamentally. His timelines are pretty shocking as well. Definitely worth a listen if you’ve not heard an Emad interview in the past.