D-Squared Musings – Week 6

Crypto Security

🔍 Audit-Hero: Search from all Code4rena(c4) and Sherlock findings

  • A simple text match tool to find keywords among all the audit reports within Code4rena and Sherlock. This is a really useful learning tool to understand common vulns, it’s a great compliment to last week’s share – Smart Contract Auditing Heuristics.


🤖 From Zero to chatGPT (Hugging Face) + Let’s build GPT (Andrej Karpathy)

  • I’ve been trying to grok the magic behind ChatGPT and found these two videos to be more insightful than most explainers I’ve come across. 

🐞 Ransomware Revenue Down As More Victims Refuse to Pay

  • Interesting to see that ransomware groups are getting paid ~60% less YoY. The two main reasons stated in this report are due to OFAC sanctions on Russian-based threat actors and increased due diligence from cyber insurers for data backup/recovery.


🎤  Balaji’s Most Epic, Personal, In-Depth Interview Ever (Transhumanism, Investing, and more)

  • The title is heavy on clickbait, but it was surprisingly unique. This interview dove deep into Balaji’s childhood and daily practices. Something I’ve been on the hunt for during previous Balaji interviews. I’m a fan of understanding others’ processes so I can steal what’s relevant for myself. 😀

🎥 SHRINKING Trailer (2023)

  • This looks pretty great!