D-Squared Musings – Week 7


🐛 Common Zero-Knowledge Proof Vulnerabilities

  • New video this week! In this video, we’ll review the “ZK Bug Tracker”, covering the most common vulnerabilities found in ZK programs. Enjoy. 😉

💾  Resiliency Superpowers with eBPF


📚 How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

  • I was genuinely shocked by how much I enjoyed this book. The audience they’re aiming for is those people that mainly read non-fiction (i.e. me). There are four levels to reading a book – Elementary, Inspectional, Analytical, and Syntopical. One of my main takeaways is that I commonly default to “analytical” reading, skipping over inspectional, which leads to wasted time. Very happy to have stumbled across this beauty.


👁️  1,000 Blind People See For The First Time

  • I’m not a big Mr. Beast fan (nothing against him), but this video popped through another person I follow and it’s amazing to see. From this interview, I learned a lot about Jimmy (Mr. Beast) and it’s great to see his obsession for a single task… Reinvesting your money into every video, especially for causes like this can be inspiring. 

🧓  Why I Am Spending Millions To Be 18 Again

  • Bryan Johnson is taking the anti-aging game to a whole different level. 🤯… He is tracking every relevant biomarker, sharing all the results publicly, and has seen pretty amazing results. There is pushback on this approach, but it’s still great to see people pushing the limits of aging and more importantly sharing almost everything.