D-Squared Musings – Week 8


Practical Cloud Security

  • After spending a little time reintroducing myself to the world of cloud security, I’m reminded of just how critical proper identity and access management (IAM) is. The so-called “perimeter” in traditional security dissolves into micro segments between machines, humans, and functions. When someone talks about misconfigurations being an issue, they’re likely talking about IAM role/policy issues.


🎤 The Network State Podcast with Balaji #1 (Vitalik)

  • Finally! I never thought I’d see the day Balaji created a podcast, but it’s here. For how long, I have no idea, but it’s here. This episode is a rundown of the Ethereum history, roadmap, and Vitalik’s vision of an Ethereum network state. 

🇨🇳  Why China is Losing the microchip war

  • I’ve done a pretty good amount of research on the microchip shortages and supply chain in recent weeks. This video is the best piece I’ve seen that summarizes the current situation in under 10 minutes.


🤖 Open Assistant an attempt (with traction) to open source ChatGPT – Video, Website, GitHub.

  • It’s both exciting and scary to see attempts at open-sourcing the tech behind ChatGPT. I know it’ll take a while to catch up to ChatGPT on quality, but even 60% – 70% as good can lead to some seriously interesting and malicious use cases. 

🔕 Microsoft’s New AI Clones Your Voice In 3 Seconds!

  • My initial thought… Vishing is going to get a whole lot more interesting in the coming year if/when this tech is open-sourced (think CEO impersonation via voice). Side note: It looks like Microsoft has won the first battle in the generative AI war with Google.