D-Squared Musings – Week 19


🤖 E17: The Art of Prompting ChatGPT With Riley Goodside

  • The practice of prompt engineering is a new and confusing phenomenon. This interview helped me understand how far we’ve come with prompt engineering and an “experts” perspective on the practical applications of these LLMs (Bing, ChatGPT, and Bard). 

🧑‍💻 Building LLM applications for production

  • A great primer on the state of production LLMs and the issues associated with bringing them to production. 

🧵 Scaling Transformer to 1M tokens and beyond with RMT

  • There are many hurdles humanity needs to jump on our way to “artificial general intelligence” (AGI) – increasing AI’s memory stores is one. This recently released paper could assist in expanding our limits from 32k tokens (OpenAI’s GPT 4) to roughly 2M tokens. That’s a massive leap. Yannic’s video does a great job breaking this paper down and providing an informed take on this method.


🧙 A Foundation Model Primer

  • Hands down the best introductory piece I’ve found on getting up to speed on foundational models (i.e. magic behind GPT). It’s nice to see innovation endeavors sharing this content publicly. Slides 97 – 111 were the most interesting to me, covering the existing marketplace and areas for opportunity as an entrepreneur or investor. 


👯‍♂️ You’re not uncool. Making friends as an adult is just hard

  • This article hits close to home for both me and my wife. As adults that have moved frequently, it’s sometimes difficult to build meaningful relationships with others. This is especially prevalent in smaller places with fewer like-minded people. 

🎤 Casey Neistat on the PROBLEM w/ daily vlogging, His New Fav Creator, & DYING IN NEW YORK!

  • I surprisingly really enjoyed listening to this conversation. Hearing Casey’s stories from their younger years really puts into perspective what he’s gone through, but his mindset around risk and uncertainty is the most interesting for me.