D-Squared Musings – Week 25

Inspired by “The Tao of Seneca”, I’ve decided to write 30 letters to Seneca as a daily writing and reflection practice. If you’re interested in following along, you can find all the letters here.


👼 Why AI Will Save the World

  • Plenty of doom and gloom has spread throughout society about the potential negative implications of AI, more specifically AGI. This is all needed, but it’s nice to every now and then hear a counter perspective highlighting the utopia we could create with such transformative technology. This blog post by Marc is trending within the tiny tech circles I spend time in and it’s a refreshing take on our AI future. Here’s a Twitter space of him discussing his perspective further. 

🤖 Harrison Chase – Agents Masterclass from LangChain Founder (LLM Bootcamp)

  • Harrison provides a good overview of the different types of semi-autonomous agents and the architectures being built to overcome the obvious problems we’re running into when using these agents. If you’re confused, I’m sure you’ve heard of AutoGPT or BabyAGI, that’s what I’m talking about. 😉

👓 Introducing Apple Vision Pro

  • My guess is that the first 3 – 4 versions of this will likely be overpriced and have relatively poor tech, but I’m sure if consumers get behind Apple on this movement… We could finally see the augmented reality future we’ve all been waiting for. Marques Brownlee was impressed after demoing the device, so there’s hope. 

🐳 Orca: The Model Few Saw Coming

  • Very interesting paper that’s made drastic progress in the quality of responses with low amounts of training and data. The TLDR: Fine-tune your model on GPT-4 responses that are prompted with chain-of-thought and tree-of-thought reasoning. 


💻 Chris Lattner: Future of Programming and AI | Lex Fridman Podcast #381

  • This is a long one, but worth listening to. Chris is one of the most articulate and thoughtful people I’ve come across in tech. If the new language he’s building Mojo is adopted by the Python community it will be a game changer for the AI going forward. 

🦸 Marvel Studios Creator — Never-Before-Heard Tales of Hollywood Deals, Selling to Disney, & More

  • I enjoyed listening to this conversation, it was really interesting to see all the hurdles, David Maisel jumped over to help create Marvel Studios. The comic and movie worlds are fascinating and strange places. 


💪 How to train Grip – Peter Attia

  • I started training my grip 3-months ago after listening to the long list of benefits Peter provided in multiple podcast interviews. There’s a strong correlation between grip strength and longevity. The main factor is that a stronger grip is an indicator of overall health for older individuals.