Letters To Seneca – Letter 17

Dear Seneca,

Recently my wife reminded me of a good lesson – Preparation is critical to getting the most value out of any interaction.

In this context, it’s relating to psychological therapy. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to just show up to my therapist, then answer the questions they had for me. This turns out to be a waste of time for the therapist and me.

Like any other interaction, it’s critical to spend time prior to thinking about what I would like to get out of the interaction. For me, it’s more difficult to prepare for therapy sessions than any type of interaction outside of my mental well-being. I suppose that shows my weak observational muscles for what is going on in my head.

Luckily, having a partner that’s willing to call you out on your bullsh** is an amazing gift and I’m thankful for having her.

This preparation mentality can be expanded to more than just work and therapy. I’ve seen benefits from prep for attending events to meet new people, spending time with my wife, and meeting up with friends. The preparation will vary, but the main goal is to set an intention of being fully present. Get out of your head and into the conversation.

Once you’ve set a conscious intention before heading into an interaction you’ve increased your chances of walking away satisfied.