Letters To Seneca – Letter 27

Dear Seneca,

When thinking about different forms of expression, writing is the most impactful for me. This is the only form of expression that I’ve experienced that allows me to examine myself in a deep way.

Each of the letters I’ve passed on has allowed me to think about my own experiences from different perspectives and more importantly question the surface-level thoughts. That second point is important – questioning surface-level thoughts.

Often I have beliefs, perspectives, or habits that I’m connected with, but rarely do I take the time to examine each. But that… the process of deeply examining one’s thoughts and behavior is how to make progress to be more at peace in life.

There’s an examination activity I’ll do in the coming days to understand how I spend my days and why. Specifically, I’ll write down all the activities I do on a regular day, averaged over weekdays and weekends. Afterward, I’ll note down why I’m doing these activities, and what beliefs I have that drive these behaviors. Next, it’s time to question each of the “why’s” at a deeper level, trying to uncover any behaviors that are meaningless chases that have no grounding in what truly brings me joy – irrelevant to the end goal.

I encourage you to try this exercise yourself.