D-Squared Musings – Week 32


✈️ trtl vs. trtl Plus: Which is better?

  • I’ve decided to try out the trtl Plus for an upcoming trip. Excited to see if I can actually sleep for more than 20 minutes on a 7-hour flight. 🤞

🎤 Jeremy Giffon – Special Situations in Private Markets

  • This podcast episode was surprisingly good. I’ve never heard of Jeremy before, but he has an interesting backstory. More interestingly he has a contrarian perspective on many VC and private equity topics.


🧠 263 ‒ Concussions and head trauma: symptoms, treatment, and recovery | Micky Collins, Ph.D.

  • As a previous college football player that’s likely had my fair share of micro-concessions, I came away from this interview optimistic. Micky does a great job highlighting the basic methods that can be used to recover from most head injuries, no matter the type or length of damage. 

🎞️ The History of Animation — Types of Animation Styles Explained [Shot List Ep. 14]

  • There’s so much I don’t know. Animation is an interest of mine, but I’ve never taken the time to explore this field. The most shocking takeaway for me would be the stark difference between the creation of Japanese anime and everything else. 

☢️ What Is Passion

  • I’ve never heard of this “HealthyGamer’s” group, but I love this psychotherapist’s ability to explain topics. TLDR: We collectively try to “find” our passion, when it’s something that has to be created. There are likely no “careers” that line up with one’s passion. Create it.


🧛 Castlevania: Nocturne | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

  • I’ve never watched the first anima for Castlevania, but the aesthetics of this trailer convinced me that I should at least give it a try.