D-Squared Musings – Week 33


🤖 Emerging Architectures for LLM Applications

  • This is a strong primer for bringing LLMs into production. If you’re interested in the tooling and high-level architecture for production LLMs, make sure to read this.


🧬 100 Tips for a Better Life

  • There’s some solid life advice in here. All the way from “Learn keyboard shortcuts. They’re easy to learn and you’ll get tasks done faster and easier.” to “Personal epiphanies feel great, but they fade within weeks. Upon having an epiphany, make a plan and start actually changing behavior. ”

📈 How To Find +$1 Million Business Ideas From Weird Trends

  • The TLDR of this conversation is that building businesses off the back of massive trends (i.e. internet, genome sequencing decline in pricing, etc.) can be successful with the right idea and intention. I’ve not watched this entire interaction, but the reference to Steph’s Twitter thread (or X thread now?) has inspired me to do a little of my own research. 

⛴️ How cruise ships got so big

  • Interesting insight into the history of cruise ships. 🤔


🪄 Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2 | Official Trailer

  • I have high hopes for this series, based on the first Loki. 🤞