D-Squared Musings – Week 34


🪨 E35: Alex Kaplan on the LK-99 Superconductor: the Drama, Democratization of Science, and Future

  • This is a good rundown of all the chatter and progress around the possible room-temperature superconductor LK-99. 

🤖 Trail Of Bits comments @ July 18, 2023 CFTC TAC Meeting

  • Trail Of Bits is a great security group. They’re always contributing back to the community in meaningful ways and they’re wicked smart. It was interesting to get Dan’s perspective on how LLMs are unfolding and the potential security impact on organizations in the future. TLDR: It’s not looking good.


🎤 Meet The $100,000,000 Man Who Sold Everything | Alex Hormozi

  • When initially seeing Alex I assumed he was another “fake business” YouTuber, but after consuming more of his content, I’m impressed. This is likely one of my favorite interviews due to their focus on his life philosophy. Here’s a great quote referred to during the conversation “This is how humans are: We question all our beliefs, except for the ones that we really believe in, and those we never think to question.” – Orson Scott Card

✈️ What happens if you don’t put your phone in airplane mode? 

  • I had no idea! Apparently, airplane mode isn’t meant to protect the plane but to prevent being an annoyance to all the cell phone users below that you’re flying over. 🤯

👂 Deep Dive on Tim’s Low-Back Issues, How to Unlearn Painful Patterns, Movement as Medicine, and More

  • I’m amazed by how sharp this ~87-year-old lady is. Lots of good insight into the cause of lower back pain, which I’m sure most of you have experienced at some point in your life. Especially, if you’re over 25.


🏢 FEZIBO Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

  • Trying out a new standing desk, due to the previous one being a little too high at its lowest setting. For about a year I’ve been raising my seat just a little higher than preferred, which caused upper back tightness. Hopefully, this will fix things. 

📰 What do investment bankers actually do?

  • The Good Work YouTube channel is hilarious. I really enjoyed this skit on investment banking.