D-Squared Musings – Week 35


💽 Saving the Planet with Better AI Data Centers (with Crusoe CEO Chase Lochmiller)

  • The way this company is sourcing energy for its AI-centric data centers is crazy. They’re building data centers literally on top of oil flares (and other wasted energy sources). This is a good podcast to listen to if you’re interested in the inner workings and challenges AI-centric data centers are facing. 

💾 Nvidia H100 GPUs: Supply and Demand

  • This is a longer blog post, but it’s full of great insight. They dive into the nuances of why certain GPUs are favored over others, the supply shortages, and what’s important to optimize when scaling foundational models.


💰 $100M Offers: How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No

  • Cheesy book title, but the content is very practical. This book does a great job breaking down the nuances of constructing a product/service offering that has a high probability of being successful when interacting with future clients. Here’s a course on the key concepts if you’re not interested in reading/listening to the book. 

🥩 You probably need way more Protein

  • This video does a great job summarizing the importance of eating more protein and how there are many misconceptions about what’s considered the “right” amount. It’s something I learned roughly a year ago when diving deep into Peter Attia’s work. I’ve increased my protein intake and know that as I age, I’ll want to sustain or keep increasing that intake due to aging working against me. 

🗝️ If You Want to Lose, You Always Win | The Philosophy of Epictetus

  • When placing significance on an activity or creating expectations, we’re setting ourselves up for eventual failure. This is a concept I came across when diving deep into Kapil Gupta’s content. This video provides a similar perspective.


🧑‍🎤 Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond

  • When listening to this song, I had cold chills. I’m not sure what is. The words, authenticity, or something else… But apparently, I’m not alone, this song is trending and received 20M views within 9 days, it’s hitting the heartstrings for many in America.