D-Squared Musings – Week 37


☢️ #068 Behind the Scenes of a Nuclear Microreactor Startup w/ Matt Loszak, Founder CEO of Aalo Atomics

  • The story of this founder transitioning from founding a software startup to founding a micro-reactor startup mid-career is an inspirational one. The first half of your career doesn’t have to detect the second half. 

👪 The Brothers Who Live One Life — The Incredible Adventures of David and Daniil Liberman

  • The Liberman brothers are a very interesting pair and kudos for Tim pulling them onto the show. Their background of building companies and dealing with serious mafia-like harassment shows just how lucky American entrepreneurs are today. I’m of the view that builders (or entrepreneurs) can be created and during this conversation, the Libermans highlight the importance of the environment to cultivate that behavior.


💰 Li Lu: Best Lecture EVER For Stock Market Investors | Value Investing

  • Li’s ruthless approach to diving deep into a company to learn as much as possible before investing is inspiring. I couldn’t help but laugh in the gym while Li grilled the students for not preparing for his lecture. 

💪 The Path to Mastery with Dr. Trevor Kashey

  • Alex Hormozi mentions “Dr. Kashey” as someone who stretches his mind constantly. I wanted to learn more about him and stumbled across the above interview. I really like this moment where he talks about counting unwanted thoughts. I liked it so much that I’m running this experiment and bought a tally counter. Here’s another funny video covering his perspective on artificial sweeteners. 

🎤 Sam Harris – Take Back Control Of Your Mind | Modern Wisdom 661

  • The intro to the video makes me laugh. I’ve not listened to much Sam Harris content for a while, so it was nice to hear his updated perspective on things. I’m pleasantly surprised by his persistence in staying away from social media and reverting back to long-form content – I.e. books

🧑‍💼 A Resurgence of Vision | Vivek Ramaswamy | EP 380

  • I’ve heard a lot about this new presidential candidate Vivek, but I’ve not seen a proper interview with him. Jordan always does great interviews, so this conversation was a timely treat. 


🦷 How Does A Dentist Fill A Cavity?

  • I had to get a few cavities filled and I’m not a fan of the dentist. But… One thing I’ve found that helps me in moments like this is understanding, so I did some digging into exactly what happens when a cavity is filled. Here’s another good explainer highlighting the importance of getting them filled sooner, rather than later.