D-Squared Musings – Week 38


🎁 The Random Show with Tim Ferriss & Kevin Rose — Affordable Luxuries, Brain Stimulation, and More!


🥩 Are you Too Fat or just Too Weak?

  • A great explainer on the importance of protein in one’s diet and how muscle mass is critical as we age. This rhymes with Peter Attia’s research findings as well.

🦜 Two-part series with Peter Attia (1 and 2)

  • Speaking of Peter… This is one of the more prescriptive conversations I’ve heard from Peter about his daily routine and recommendations for the average human. FYI, it’s not always easy to get prescriptive content from Peter due to his belief that every person is different. 

💰 The $100 Million Business Masterclass

  • Alex gives a detailed lesson on improving the value of one’s business. Specifically, with the intent of getting acquired by either an investment bank or private equity firm. TLDR: Remove the founder from operations and build resilience in your client acquisition/churn. 

🎤 Eric Weinstein – Why Can No One Agree On The Truth Anymore? 

  • Another great conversation with Eric. Those who think for themselves say more interesting things.


🚲 THE BIKERIDERS Trailer (2023) 

  • This looks really interesting.