D-Squared Musings – Week 45


♣️ All-In Summit: Stephen Wolfram on computation, AI, and the nature of the universe

  • The back half of this conversation is very interesting. David and Stephen discuss from a perspective I’ve never considered, which is the human perspective. Our physics is limited by our point-of-view from all the possible points in the computational universe. 🤯

🦠 David Friedberg reflects 10 years on from selling Climate Corp for $1 billion

  • The last few minutes of this interview are pretty eye-opening (37:00 forward). By combining genomics, AI, and scaled digitized production the entire bio supply chain will look very different from what we know today.


💰 Scott Galloway Tells All – $100M Net Worth, $4 Trillion Business Opp & Career Advice

  • I’m surprised by how transparent Scott can be when it comes to his spending and the amount he’s made over the years. Near the end of this convo, they get into GLP-1 and the brand name drug created on top of this “Ozempic”. Scott seems very excited about the implications of this once the cost is reduced through mass production. Here’s a short blog post he wrote on the topic recently. 

 🎤 Sense-Making, a Top 1% Information Diet, and Generation Warfare with Michael Guimarin

  • This is the first time I’ve come across Michael. He’s an interesting character and reminds me a lot of Daniel Schmachtenberger. His definition of information diet is interesting and the importance he places on making predictions (even if private) are useful concepts I’ve taken from this interview.


⚔️ Blue Eye Samurai | Official Teaser

  • This looks interesting… It’s kind of like a modern-day Mulan.