D-Squared Musings – Week 46


🏗️ AI Engineer Summit Day 1 and Day 2

  • Swyx and the team did an amazing job pulling together the content for this new conference. I highly recommend everyone interested in applying Gen AI to real-world problems watch most (if not all) of this content. My favorite talk was Eugene’s rapid-fire insight into incorporating LLMs into production. 

🤖 ChatGPT Combined Chat

  • It’s exciting to see that OpenAI is beta testing a combination chat, where all the modalities are smushed into a single thread. The machine chooses which option (Dalle 3, Data analysis, etc.) based on the context of the input.


🪫 MoZ gets Nuke Pilled with Packy and Julia

  • This week was filled with insightful conversations. This is likely one of the best episodes of the MoZ podcast. Packy and Julia gave great insight into what’s truly holding nuclear back is the cultural narrative around it. I’m excited to listen to their new podcast Age of Miracles

🎤 From Online Blogger to 3-Time #1 New York Times Bestselling Author | Mark Manson | How I Write

  • Yet again David has done a great job getting new insight from the people he’s interviewing. This was an interesting look into Mark’s past and present thoughts around writing.

📓 My $0 to $1 Million Guide – How I Would Start Over in 2024 (#513)

  • Shawn shared plenty of practical advice in this video. So much so, that I decided to relisten to it immediately after finishing the initial listen. One piece of advice that really resonated at this point in my life is content creation. Not the lame advice of building an audience, but to force oneself to create unique analysis on a consistent basis and share it with the world. This iteration loop will help develop the muscle of examining a trend, technology, event, etc., and mold it into a unique perspective.


🎥 THE FALL GUY Trailer (2024)

  • This looks like it’ll be a funny one.