D-Squared Musings – Week 47


🤖 OpenAI DevDay, Opening Keynote

  • This week OpenAI’s DevDay was all the rage. Some of the most exciting releases were the 128k context window, a single chat interface (no need to select data analysis, web search, etc.), and GPTs (OpenAI’s first step toward agents). Here’s a good summary if you’re not interested in watching the whole keynote.


🎤 The Secret Tools To Hack Your Brain – Dr Andrew Huberman 

✍️ How He Sold 4 Million Books | Morgan Housel | How I Write Podcast

  • David has done it again. I’m starting to become a fan of this podcast… Maybe it’s due to a secret love/hate relationship I have with writing. Morgan provides a deep dive into his writing process and insights into our relationship with money. 

📉 Valuation in Four Lessons | Aswath Damodaran | Talks at Google

  • Speaking of money, after listening to Aswath’s presentation at Google, I’ve decided to work my way through a few of his courses on business evolution. Starting with valuations for undergrad


💌 Past Lives

  • This looks like an interesting film.