D-Squared Musings – Week 48


🤖 OpenAI developer presentations

  • After the main keynote was released on OpenAI Devday a series of follow-up videos were shared going into more detail for each of the major announcements. I highly recommend listening to each, here are a few that caught my eye 1  234. O… And as I was drafting this newsletter, I saw that Sam Altman was fired from OpenAI as CEO, interesting times.  

🪲 OWASP Top 10 for Large Language Model Applications

  • I found this top ten list pretty insightful. Note that there’s a good amount of grammar, spelling, and dead links, but it’s a first draft, so kind of expected. Also, I’m not convinced that “over-reliance” and “excessive agency” are valid candidates for this list. Might write more on why I believe that’s the case in future posts. 

🧑‍💻 Large Language Models and The End of Programming – Dr. Matt Welsh

  • Matt’s vision and confidence in what the future of programming looks like are compelling. A world where humans are abstracted so far away from the code, that only the machines can read it sounds far off, but so did talking to a computer like a human.


🥩 Should everyone get a lot of protein?

  • I learned about Peter’s rule of 1 gram per pound of body weight many months ago after reading his book Outlive. He makes a very compelling argument that as we age it’s critical to sustain as much muscle mass as possible. 

💪 You Can’t Fix Your Posture (Here’s Why)

  • The TLDR here is that continuous movement and avoiding specific postures for too long is the key. Not trying to stand up “straight” in an abnormal and likely unhealthy position.


🌚 Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire 

  • This looks interesting and has a good cast.